Atelier Cho Thompson
Cuyana Miami Photo by Robin Hill (c) LO RES (7).jpg

Cuyana Miami


Client: Cuyana

Services: Interior Design, Furniture Design

Aligned with the company's "Fewer, Better" philosophy, the retail fixtures assume timeless, primal forms in this Cuyana store in the Miami Design District. The fitting rooms themselves take on the curvilinear form of the fixtures. The layout of the store integrates merchandise display alongside try-on moments. Subtle curvilinear forms of solid brass racks create a meandering path for the customer to browse the accessories and clothing.

As a yearlong pop-up, the fixtures had to be cleverly designed to be easily taken apart without looking like a temporary setup. Detailed with removable toekicks reinforced with champagne brass metal, hidden screws, and in sizes that could easily be transported, the components of the store can be disassembled and reinstalled with ease.

Photography by Robin Hill. Select millwork & feature lighting selection by Leong Leong Architects.