Atelier Cho Thompson
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Equity by Design


Client: Equity by DesignAmerican Institute of Architects San Francisco Chapter

Services: Graphics, Infographics, Signage

Featured in: Architectural RecordArchitect MagazineContract MagazineArchinect

How can a vast and complex data set be presented in a clear and immediately intelligible manner?

Working closely with our client, Equity by Design, an advocacy group based in San Francisco, Atelier Cho Thompson created infographics that displayed the results of a landmark survey on equity in architectural practice. Working with results from hundreds of survey data points, we developed a cohesive graphic strategy to create a strong brand identity for the research project. The infographics were deployed in both digital and physical formats, and were featured as key elements at Equity by Design 2016: Meaning, Metric, & Matrices, a national design conference.