Atelier Cho Thompson



Role: Lead Graphic Designer

As the 2nd exhibition in the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s New Trajectories series, this exhibit presented a provocative cross-section of innovative architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design projects recently undertaken in this rapidly transforming country. Although South Korea is only the size of Maine, 63% mountainous, and fraught with a rich political legacy, its cultural and economic reach has extended internationally during the last 50 years. Six organizational operatives--historical transformation, accelerated density, topographical syntax, material identity, ecological intersection, and infrastructural alliance--map the 28 architectural projects in a relational field. The contents of the exhibit are now available in book titled, Convergent Flux: Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in Korea. 


Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design Pat Roberts, Executive Dean Hannah Peters, Associate Dean of External Affairs

Curators & Advisors: John Hong, Adjunct Associate Professor and Jinhee Park, Hailim Suh, Lecturer in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning and Design

Exhibition Research and Design Team: Christina Cho, Kent Gould, Mark Holmquist, Okhyun Kim, Sooran Kim, Clara Lee, Jinje Lee, Moran Lee, Greg GhunWhan Park, Gyoung Tak Park, Terry Sung Park, Hyun Ji Ryu, John Son, Jeong Jun Song, Kyung Ho Won, Hyun Tek Yoon, Hyung Jae Yu, Seung Ho Choi (photographer)

Exhibition Team: Dan Borelli, exhibitions Shannon Stecher, Exhibitions and Publications Melissa Vaughn, Publications

GSD Fabrication and Installation Team: Frank Braman, Jef Czekaj, Alex DeMaria, Jack Mauch, Jared May, Reid Schwartz, Dave Stuart, Joanna Vouriotis

Historical Advisor: Jin Baek, Associate Professor, Seoul National University

GSD Event Photographer: Aaron Orenstein

Supporting Organizations: Space Magazine, Harvard University, Choi DuNam, Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism