Atelier Cho Thompson

Umamimart Packaging


Client: Umami Mart for Williams-Sonoma

Services: Graphic Design, Packaging Design

Umami Mart, a Japanese barware store in Oakland, approached us to design a Holiday Set for their classic gold bartender's kit. This kit, featured at Williams-Sonoma and at Umami Mart's Oakland headquarters, includes a mixing glass, a strainer, a jigger, and a mixing spoon. The project presented a distinct practical challenge: how do we create a solution that holds objects of varying size and shape while clearly explaining the contents to the user? We designed a unique triangular box where each individual piece is embedded in the volume, carefully balancing each element in place. The box is meant to be picked up by its handle and delivered as a gift, with the gold-foil stamped black cardboard serving as its own holiday wrapping. Graphic design on the box and on the elements explains how to create classic drinks with your new bartender's kit.

Photography by Marble Rye.