Services: Furniture Design, Fabrication

In collaboration with Greg ChungWhan Park & Jeong Jun Song

We are often searching for ways to transform the qualities of a common material in uncommon ways. This project experimented parametrically in the Rhino 3D plug-in Grasshopper to generate different milled geometries which exposed plywood layers in various ways. We experimented with 2 main approaches: 1) a globally-undulating surface onto which a tesselation is projected & extruded to various depths and 2) a less-articulated, contoured surface produced by various sine and cosine curves swept along each other. This exploration culminated in the application onto a bench. The legs of the bench continued the layered expression like a millefeuille pastry's construction. The precision of the CNC machine allowed us to key the top part of the bench into the legs, allowing the bench to be moved around in smaller parts.